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There’s nothing cool…

By 11th April 2018 No Comments
Froot Design Rebrand

When a client comes to Froot Design we spend a lot of time understanding their business, their brand and their objectives. The process starts as a two-way exchange of information, aims and requirements.

Working on the Froot Design rebrand has proved quite a unique process. Whilst working with a client we ask the questions and they answer them. For the Froot rebrand we were essentially the client and we needed to basically ask ourselves the questions we would ask our clients. We had to ask questions we thought we knew the answer too.

Showcasing our brand.

The way Froot Design ‘appears’ is something that we have had to carefully consider. Froot Design needs to form a brand that is distinctive, that has a unique tone of voice and basically is able to act as a promotional tool at the same time. However, the nature of the creative business means that to showcase Froot Design, we need to showcase our work, for our clients. Nothing demonstrates what we can do better than our portfolio of client work.

This lead to us deciding that the Froot Design brand, whilst being strong and distinctive, it needed to also be able to ‘take a back seat’.

Froot Design has always used strong, high contrast colours. The early days saw orange as the core brand colour but about 6 years ago, yellow and black have been introduced and they’ve stuck around.

The Froot Design logo isn’t ‘too shouty’, it doesn’t try to be clever and it’s happy ‘just being there’. When you come to the Froot website, when you spot a Froot business card or presentation, if you know Froot Design, we think you’ll know it is us.

The re-brand was not an easy process and it took quite some time but I think we got there. We have a brand that is distinctive, that is fun, that is professional. We have a brand that is understated, that is happy to say; ‘here…look at what we have done’.

After all…there’s nothing cool about saying you are cool.